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How even great Web designers can kill SEO!!!
By Admin
We all know that SEO can work wonders boosting your web traffic and return on investment. But have you ever wondered why there’s a rift between the Web design elements and SEO? In fact, if the SEO elements are not carefully designed, a website with the best of design and SEO elements separately c...
5 Things That Scare Us About SEO Services for Local Business
By Admin
SEO or Search Engine Optimization has become the lifeline of businesses. If you want an online presence, you need SEO. If you want website traffic, you need SEO. If you want better leads, you need SEO. If you need more conversions, you need SEO. The local businesses tend to overlook the SEO proce...
5 Biggest Mistakes that every social media specialist should avoid
By Admin
Social media networks are powerful marketplaces that can make or break a brand. Because it reaches out to a large number of like-minded people if well-targeted, even the smallest mistake can cost you in the same magnitude! That’s why social media specialists need to be reasonably careful about ha...
Benefits of Custom made Web design & Web development
By Admin
Anything customized to suit your specific identity and requirements makes it even more worthy. That stands true for Web Design and Development too. With so many software and application vendors available on the internet and locally, it is very easy and quite cheap to buy a readymade website. Clie...
International Womens Day- Be Bold For Change
By Admin
Happy Women’s Day All. We are about to celebrate Women’s Day yet afresh. For this International Women's Day 2017, we're asking you to Be Bold For Change.   A woman is an epitome of wisdom, beauty, and care. She has ascended the mountains and plunged into the ocean; she has matched the ...
By Admin
    About the Designer: Ramitha is a Creative Web designer at Code9 Technologies, #1 Web Design & Development company in Cochin, Kerala. She also passionate about Web development and 3D Printing Technology.
What Can Professional Web Designers Do That I Can’t??
By Admin
We would like to start the blog with a very common question that many people ask themselves. What can professional web designers do that I can’t?  Now, many of them are asking and with all the tools, website advertising and templates these services the question is now more present than ever. &...
How Do We Prevent Our Website From Being Hacked?
By Admin
Hacked?? If your website is suffering from being hacked? Most of the users who visit your physical building will never realize that all of your information is there to discover just by walking in. Sometimes you will notice someone with malicious purpose who will walk in and steal your data. That ...
How Web Designers Price Their Products and Services?
By Admin
  Designing is a very creative job. It is also quite lucrative if you choose to price your creative talents properly. A website designer’s job is not only bringing out the most attractive colors and graphics but also to incorporate the relevant features such that the page loads faster and...
By Admin
  About the Designer: Manju is a Web designer at Code9 Technologies, a Web design company in Cochin, Kerala. She also passionate about Content Writing and 3D Printing Technology.