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Blog Setup

Code9 undertake complete blog consulting and marketing services for any type of organizations and brands. Our understanding of search engines and blog marketing has resulted in the creation of a winning blog marketing strategy for many clients.

As internet has penetrated to all parts of the globe, blogs offers a very effective marketing opportunity. Our team with their experience and expertise will understand your business model, finds relevant domains and assist you to plan an effective implementation program which will yield results. Regardless of the nature, we will empower your business by implementing an effective blog strategy, systematic blog optimizations and marketing will be done and the results will be measured through blog analytics.

We offer customized blog marketing for our clients. Through our established network of bloggers we will help you highlight your brand and message. The world of online media is information hungry and our services will help you to reach the right message to the right people through the right channel. The advantage of linking with a powerful online media is that it helps to achieve targeted traffic to our clients offering in a big scale than usual conventional SEO techniques.

How we do :
Blogs are a good way of advertising about your business as they are search engine friendly. Key word rich content development, media submission and social marketing are the blog techniques we adapt to accelerate your business growth. An effective content will catch the attraction of the publications, blogs and forums. We distribute articles to publications in a systematic way and our expert team will create, maintain and strengthen social media presence in most popular sites.

In order to experience profitable commercial activity, blogs should get greater visibility on internet and unless it attracts good traffic, your efforts at blogging are going to waste. There lies the importance of engaging a professional company to create and manage your blog. With more business starting to go online for success, it is vital to gain a clear edge over your competitors or you might get left behind in the race. We will help you in managing this precious marketing SEO tool and you can be sure that you grow even faster in future.


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